Verostone announces strategic partnership with Vena

20 October 2022 | Chris Bartram

Verostone and Vena Partnership Unites Applied Financial Intelligence Experts With a Powerful Financial Planning and Analysis Ecosystem


Verostone Ltd, a UK based leading system integrator of extended planning and analysis (xP&A) and Data Integration and Analytics solutions is proud to announce its partnership with Vena, a leading  cloud-based corporate performance management software provider that powers financial planning and analysis (FP&A), xP&A and beyond. Verostone’s expertise helps organisations to be financially agile through flexible performance management solutions that empower finance professionals. In partnering with Vena the —the only native Excel Complete Planning platform built for Microsoft 365 with Power BI Embedded—organisations get both the high-level guidance of FP&A professionals as well as the on-the-ground tools to ensure financial success over the longer term.

Alex Wood, Vena’s Vice President, Global Channels says, “Verostone have deep domain expertise in the FP&A and analytics space and long-term trusted relationships with their customers, built by delivering value and success. These characteristics mirror our own and their plan to grow with Vena made partnering a very easy decision for us. ”

Verostone’s capabilities help clients lead transformation and improve collaboration across departments and geographies, reduce complexity and empower end users to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Vena brings people, processes, and systems into a Complete Planning platform that offers integrated planning capabilities within the world’s leading spreadsheet provider, Microsoft® Excel®. Vena’s native Excel interface offers unmatched, integrated planning capabilities so that cross-functional teams can work together under a shared vision.

When considering financial performance management, you need an expert team that understands all aspects of finance, business, and management. This partnership closes the gap between the expert team and the integrated software solutions that simplify the complex financial processes that all businesses face.

“At Verostone, we aim to elevate organisational processes through applied business intelligence solutions. Our partnership with Vena allows us to leverage the best solutions for budgeting, forecasting, planning and reporting enabling us to work smarter for our clients. With Vena’s comprehensive software suite and our expert team of advisors, we can further streamline our approach for organisations of any type and any size making our solutions more widely available to businesses who need it most,” says David Francis, Chief Executive Officer of Verostone.

The Verostone and Vena partnership combines a depth of financial and industry expertise that is designed to deliver exceptional value to organisations across multiple sectors, with the best-in-class financial performance management technologies that are designed to simplify and amplify organisational processes for financial success. As a full-service partner, Verostone will sell, design, implement and support the Vena product suite to customers globally, providing sophisticated planning capabilities to forward-thinking businesses.

About Vena

Vena is the only native Excel Complete Planning platform built for Microsoft 365 with Power BI Embedded. Vena transforms how business, finance and operations leaders Plan To Grow™ with the Vena Growth Engine, the SaaS platform and methodology that empowers and inspires your plans and guides your growth journey.

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