Axiom Cloud

Our cloud-first approach provides significant benefits to your business.

Axiom Cloud delivers scalability, integration, performance, security, and compliance. It’s the most secure, convenient, and cost-effective deployment for our software solutions, outperforming on-premise implementations across a range of key metrics.

Minimal IT footprint

Get up and running on a modern Enterprise Performance Management platform without new hardware and extensive support from your IT team.

Governance and compliance

Axiom Cloud complies with all industry regulations, with full audit trail tracking of operational controls and reporting.

Automated data integration

Import data from virtually any financial, operational, or third-party source. Imports are scheduled for full automation — no manual data uploads are necessary.

Seamless updates

Platform updates are applied according to your schedule. Updates provide access to new capabilities, with no disruption or rebuilding of existing reports.

Connect from anywhere

Connect to Axiom via an internet connection anywhere in the world. Enable remote and dispersed teams to collaborate seamlessly.

Unmatched security

Axiom Cloud’s robust security model offers complete control of the most granular elements of system access for each user, with comprehensive auditing capabilities.

Perform with confidence

99.95% average uptime and a highly resilient disaster recovery plan for your Axiom system gives you peace of mind.

Development environment

Use the optional sandbox to test new features and implement new ideas before promoting them to your production environment.

Scale as needed

Axiom Cloud can support any number of users, any number of processes, and large data sets to suit all sizes of business.