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Blogs Fluctuating forecasts: Wouldn’t you rather test the future than guess?

Businesses across all sectors are having to adapt fast to a new set of challenges and constraints on financial planning and forecasting.

Blogs Pitfalls and pressures: Managing the impact on supply chains

With new requirements coming from Brexit and ongoing restrictions from Covid-19, recent research has highlighted that 6 in 10 businesses have experienced import and export delays at the UK-EU border since the start of the year.

Blogs Cash is king: The critical role of cash management through a crisis

Cash remains king, particularly during these tough economic times. The pressure facing businesses across every sector is increasing.

Blogs Improving budgeting and planning processes with financial intelligence

Effective business management requires accurate forecasting and analysis.

Blogs The changing role of the CFO in these unprecedented times

From managing the financial operations to analysing the strategic decision making of the company, the role of CFO is of critical importance.

Blogs Digital transformation challenges for finance

Digital transformation for finance has been a hot topic for some time, and the events of the last year have only served to add urgency to the issue.

Blogs Rolling forecasts: more responsive finance planning

Organisational agility is becoming increasingly important for today’s businesses.

Blogs Successfully navigating the shrinking planning cycle

The last 12 months have demonstrated that business agility is vital for progress, and organisations need to be far more adaptable than many of them have been up until now.

Blogs Key data challenges faced by finance teams

For many businesses, managing data can often be a headache and an obstacle to decision-making, rather than a boon to the business.

Blogs The office of finance and the race for agility

The management of volatility in any market and the associated risk factors have grown exponentially – adequate planning was important before, but it is doubly so now.

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