3 Critical Phases of Finance Transformation - with Planful

How FP&A transforms with advancements in people, process, and planning technology

The role of FP&A is evolving with advancements in people process and FP&A technology.

As companies progress through this lifecycle, finance teams can have new opportunities to provide enhanced value to the business. Today most companies exist in phase 1 or 2. They should prioritise the move to Phase 3 because the competitive benefits are critical. Finance teams in Phase 3 are change agents of innovation growth and value creation in the business because they optimise business collaboration and agility across all business users in the organisation.

The whitepaper ‘3 Critical Phases of Finance Transformation’ covers:

  • The 3 Phases of the FP&A Evolution
  • FP&A 1.0: Reactive
  • FP&A 2.0: Proactive
  • FP&A 3.0: Optimised
  • Conclusion: Make Phase 3.0 a Priority

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