Fit for the Future: Part 2:
The importance of financial agility

A guide for finance professionals on how to harness
agile financial planning for an uncertain future.

Is your business financially fit for the future? How to navigate your way out of the current crisis


What we’ll be covering:

Discover how to adapt to financial change quickly and help your organisation develop a more agile business model.

In our latest eGuide, we will show you how to:

  • Define the key internal and external drivers of the business
  • Quantify your financial sensitivity to these drivers
  • Test the strength and flexibility of a strategy under rapidly changing conditions and against multiple variables
  • Model scenarios that depart from the current conditions
  • Investigate possibilities that would otherwise be missed
  • Prepare for various combinations of adverse circumstances that may manifest
  • Produce higher quality strategic plans, budgets, and forecasts.

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    There isn’t a business across the globe that hasn’t felt the effects of the pandemic.

    Every business has had to act quickly, to adapt to the multitude of changes across a range of factors. Laws have changed. Regulations are still changing.

    Everything that has been thrown at us has far-reaching and potentially severe consequences. Each sector needs to plan for their own unique set of future challenges.

    In our latest eGuide, you’ll discover the tools and strategies you need to improve financial performance for 2022 and beyond, including:

    • Facing future economic challenges head on and being ready for them
      • Including forecasting, revenue and profitability modelling with unprecedented historical data from the last 18 months
    • The power of ‘What if’ scenarios for future-mapping in a crisis.
      • Looking ahead at all kinds of scenarios has become of paramount importance
    • Modelling financial scenarios through diversification and new routes to market
      • With still evolving government policy, legislation and culture shifts in the market
    • Future financial strategies and the instruments to successfully execute them
      • To test, rather the guess, the future to equip yourself with strategies ready to face uncertainty, manage change and seize all opportunities that lie ahead

    For all this and more, download the eGuide.

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    Download Fit for the Future: Part 2:
    The importance of financial agility eGuide.