Fit for the Now: Part 1:
Adapting to challenging times
and economic uncertainty

An eGuide for finance professionals on how to successfully financially
navigate the challenging current economic landscape.

Are you financially fit for today?
Find out how to manage your organisation through uncertainty with our latest guide.

What we’ll be covering:

In our new guide, we explore the financial challenges faced today in these new economic realities, where businesses need to make decisions quickly based on sound financial insight.

We’ll be looking at:

  • The financial challenges thrown up by recent global events
  • How different industries have been impacted
  • How businesses are proactively managing these financial challenges
  • How robust scenario planning informs better decisions
  • How to be financially agile, making decisions with greater confidence

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    Today we’re in uncharted territory, faced with incomparable challenges as we adapt to a new economic uncertainty.

    Financial professionals have shouldered much of the responsibility as organisations rapidly seek to adapt their operating and business models, and find new ways to mitigate risk and manage cash.

    We investigate how different industries and sectors have been impacted – and how their finance teams have responded. From mapping and managing cash cycles in Insurance to effective inventory management in Manufacturing. From cash flow planning in Retail, to workforce management in Hospitality, to disrupted supply chains in Beverages.

    In this guide, we’ll take a detailed cross-sector delve into:

    • Forecasts for the year ahead
      • See how Manufacturing, Transportation, Hospitality and Retail, and Higher Education have responded to challenges in 2020
    • Cash is king
      • Balance cost management and forecasting with the unpredictability of consumer confidence
      • Address key areas of cash management that require urgent consideration to mitigate risks and plan effectively
    • Supply chain management
      • Manage supply chain disruption, or shortages and increased cost of raw materials or components
      • Understand the changes to supply and demand that every sector cannot ignore
    • Workforce planning and management
      • Support people effectively in a changing workplace environment
      • How to scale up and down a workforce according to demand and the need to keep operations running

    For all this and more, download our guide Fit for the Now: Part 1: Adapting to Challenging Times and Economic Uncertainty.

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    Download the Fit for the Now: Part 1: Adapting to Challenging Times and Economic Uncertainty eGuide.