Higher Education: How to plan and manage through financial uncertainty

A guide for finance professionals on successfully managing your
higher education institution through financial uncertainty.

The Higher Education: How to Plan and Manage Through Financial Uncertainty guide was written to provide context on the current issues facing the sector and how to navigate them.


From this guide, you will learn about:

  • The challenges facing the higher education sector
  • How the office of finance can drive change
  • How University College London leveraged their financial planning software to save valuable time in budgeting and planning processes
  • Making finance fit for the future
  • How Axiom can help you address these challenges


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    The UK higher education sector has seen a large number of significant changes over the last 20 years. 2020 has added yet further challenges.

    Our impending exit from the EU has led to uncertainty surrounding course and grant funding as well as a reduction in overseas student numbers.

    Covid-19 has also decreased student numbers and associated tuition fee income. The sudden shift to online learning has meant sizeable costs for institutions in setting up new online learning platforms and resources.

    These immediate impacts will also have long-lasting effects that will require financial flexibility and planning. The higher education landscape is being rapidly reshaped and reimagined. Finance professionals are finding the need to anticipate, plan and adapt to change quickly as never before, affecting everything from tuition planning, capital investment planning, cash flow management and budgeting. Financial agility has become vital to institutions everywhere as critical decision-making is required across the sector.

    Axiom’s new guide, Higher Education: How to plan and manage through financial uncertainty, serves as a guide to help institutions through this evolving period.

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    Using our expertise of working with 50 universities worldwide – including UCL, Stanford and Yale – you’ll learn how to control, manage and predict financial performance. Enabling your university or college to have the information to make critical decisions, quickly and with confidence.

    Download the Higher Education: How to Plan and Manage through Financial Uncertainty guide.