The top 5 challenges facing the Office of Finance in Local Authorities

An eGuide for finance professionals on how to successfully
financially navigate the challenging current economic landscape.

Our eGuide for Local Authorities gives insight and advice to help finance leaders confidently adapt to changing circumstances and operational priorities.


What we’ll be covering:

In our new eGuide, we explore how financial management principles and solutions help make efficiencies each and every day across 5 core financial challenges faced by Local Authorities:

  • Funding to improve services
  • The role of procurement
  • Balancing the budget
  • Financial stability, planning and reporting
  • Governance and Audit Committees


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    Across the UK, LAs everywhere have been rapidly responding and adapting on many levels – from handling cuts in funding, to increased demands on services, as well as the commercialisation and digitalisation of service provision.

    With so many possible strands of funding, opportunities and potential projects to finance, it is critical LAs can test, rather than guess, the future. By looking ahead at all kinds of scenarios and outcomes, LAs can prepare for every eventuality and ‘What’s next?’ with improved financial agility.

    With challenges affecting services, procurement and funding, accurate financial data ensures information meets the required, and varied, stages of scrutiny and approval, as well as leading to better reporting and communication that improves accountability and enables robust decisions to be made.

    In ‘The top 5 challenges facing the Office of Finance in Local Authorities’, we show you how to:

    • Respond proactively to these financial challenges
    • Empower your scenario planning to make more informed decisions
    • Be financially agile to make decisions with greater confidence

    To find out more, download the eGuide.

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