Webinar: Tips and Tricks for the 2022 Budgeting Cycle

10:00 | November 25, 2021

Join us to discover how to improve the Accuracy,
Agility and Efficiency of your budgeting process


The annual budget process for banks and financial institutions can be a time-consuming, unwieldy process, prone to inaccuracies that impede sound strategic financial decision-making.

Recent research has shown that 70% of banks and financial institutions have a budgeting cycle of three months or longer, which suggests that reacting and adapting to new information is a challenge for financial institutions in an increasingly fast-moving and unpredictable economic landscape.

What’s more, the end product of months of work often yields static budget projections that quickly become irrelevant in the face of unforeseen changes.

So, how can banks and financial institutions overcome these challenges, to budget and plan with greater agility, accuracy and effectiveness?

Join us to discover solutions to these challenges – we’re excited to present a webinar by Syntellis, the US-based developers of the Axiom platform, on innovative ways to improve your budgeting cycle for 2022 and beyond.

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Why attend

This webinar will explore some of the challenges specific to the finance sector, looking at the annual budget cycle and how it can be improved. Brett Sturman, Senior Solutions Engineer for the Axiom platform will discuss:

  • How to streamline and improve the speed of the budgeting process
  • How to improve accuracy with better balance sheet and margin planning to optimise decision making
  • How to increase agility and mitigate risk with innovative reforecasting and scenario analysis strategies
  • How to harness technology innovation to meet the demands of an increasingly uncertain financial climate

Join Axiom EPM to find how to improve the accuracy, agility and efficiency of your budgeting process.