Live Webinar:
“Intelligent Finance: Advanced Planning, Digital Fluency,
and FP&A Leadership”

13:00 | November 28, 2023

Join Verostone and Planful for an exclusive, live webinar:


“Intelligent Finance: Advanced Planning, Digital Fluency and FP&A Leadership”


Discover innovations that are transforming finance planning and forecasting in today’s dynamic business environment. We will look at HRtech/Martech being technology leaders and explore advanced analytics and intelligent automation, showing you how technologies can reshape the traditional approach to planning.

In an era where digital fluency is essential, we’ll also equip you with strategies to build this critical skill within your FP&A team. We’ll explore how to ensure your team stays at the forefront of technological advancements including predictive forecasting using AIML.

McKinsey analysts report: Modern finance departments are transforming to become the “guardians of enterprise value creation,” shifting from overseeing transactional tasks to managing value-added activities. Of course, they’re still handling those former tasks, too, illustrating the substantial scope – and pressure – on finance professionals today.”

The key to evolving the finance function to cope with these pressures, lies in the implementation of simple and adaptable technology that delivers:

  • Swift Analysis
  • Actionable Insights
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Predictive Scenario Planning
  • Detailed Forecasting
  • Process Automation
  • A Single Source of Truth
RSVP: Please join us for this transformative session that will help you lead the way in finance excellence and prepare for a digital future.

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Why attend

From Ledger to Leader

There is growing pressure on FP&A leaders to develop growth targets and strategies in partnership with the executive team.

As we look ahead, the role of financial professionals is set to continue its transformation over the next decade and beyond.

How does FP&A technology transform this role?

“Intelligent Finance” is the ability to move away from simple data analysis towards detailed data interrogation.

This step change enables finance leaders to draw valuable insights from these outputs and creates an opportunity to address more meaningful questions that inform the strategic direction of the business.

In conversation with Planful, we will discuss the benefits of adopting financial tools and applications for the office of finance. You’ll also hear from Planful’s client success team, who will demonstrate how advanced FP&A technologies can help you transform the way you do business today and in the future.

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Join Verostone and Planful to explore how a “tech-powered” finance function helps businesses become truly intelligent.