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“Finance is a Team Sport” Verostone and Planful

13:00 | July 25, 2023

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“Finance is a Team Sport: Improved Financial Performance Requires Innovation, Integration, and Motivation.”


We all know that organisational and people capabilities drive financial and operational performance. But for organisations to become adaptive to market changes, they also need to be evolutionary; focusing on continuous innovation and improvements to drive shifts in focus, strategy, direction, structure and culture.

High performance teams leverage these factors by:

    • Encouraging collaboration: Teams collaborate cross-functionally to align strategies, and make informed decisions; fostering a sense of shared ownership.
    • Empowering employees: Autonomy within an organisation promotes creativity, and responsibility, driving teams to find innovative solutions and optimise processes.
    • Fostering continuous learning: A culture of learning encourages employees to think critically, challenge the status quo, and seek innovative approaches.
    • Embracing risk-taking: By encouraging teams to take calculated risks, organisations can capitalise on market opportunities and drive revenue growth.
    • Relying on data-driven decision making: Data-driven decision-making results in better resource allocation, improved forecasting, and optimised financial decision making.
    • Promoting a culture of continuous improvement: By encouraging teams to seek feedback and share best practices, organisations gain insight into bottlenecks or inefficiencies.
RSVP: Please join us for this exclusive, live webinar to learn why improving your financial performance is a team effort that requires focus, dedication, commitment and innovation.

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People, Purpose & Passion:  The Pathway to Success

In today’s complex business environment, financial performance is not solely dependent on individual efforts as a team leader or peer, but rather requires the collective contributions and alignment of various stakeholders within an organisation.

In practice, reaching your organisation’s full potential requires careful planning, precise action items and continuous improvement.Embracing these principles can lead to competitive advantage, in which companies experience or gain:

  • Enhanced efficiencies
  • Greater adaptability to market changes
  • More effective risk management
  • Optimisation of financial resources
  • Customer-centric solutions
  • A culture of continuous improvement

Join us for an exclusive webinar as we explore ways in which your organisation can leverage your people and processes to achieve consistent and measurable results year on year.

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Join Verostone and Planful to learn how high-performance organisations utilise teamwork and innovation to drive improved financial performance.