Webinar Power your digital finance transformation with Vena

10:00 | May 19, 2022

‘Digital transformation’ as a goal for finance teams has been around for quite a while now, and yet recent research by BPM Partners shows that a staggering 82% of companies still use basic spreadsheets to supplement their core planning processes.

Clearly, there’s still a way to go yet – and part of the problem is a lack of clarity around what digital transformation means in practicality, how and why it’s central to driving business performance, and what good practice looks like.

We’ll be joined by two leading industry figures to take a deeper dive into what digital transformation looks like in reality, going beyond the hype to look at the details, and how it delivers key financial performance benefits:

  • Craig Schiff, founding member of Hyperion (now Oracle), and president & CEO of BPM Partners
  • Rishi Grover, co-founder and chief solutions architect of Vena

Join Verostone, Vena and BPM Partners to discover how next-generation financial planning and analysis processes are driving the planning revolution.

Webinar registration

For more information and to register, click on the link below. We look forward to seeing you there.


Why attend

Our webinar will explore the business performance benefits unlocked by next-generation financial planning processes and technologies, including:

  • A broader, deeper view of overall business performance – and how you can achieve it with extended planning and analysis
  • Greater planning agility and flexibility – and the key technological ingredients that are needed to underpin these abilities
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication – why user adoption is central to your processes, and the secret to driving it
  • Ability to scale without the pain – and the single most important factor you need to consider to enable this

This webinar is designed for finance professionals who want to explore how digital transformation is driving dramatic performance improvements across the financial management spectrum.

Join Verostone and Vena to find out how digital transformation is driving the adoption of next-generation financial planning processes.