On demand Webinar: The cost of business as usual, why financial planning needs to change

10:00 | September 8, 2021

Join Axiom for an exclusive webinar
on how to evolve your financial planning


Join us at an exclusive webinar on how Financial Planning Professionals are meeting the new challenges of planning and forecasting post-pandemic.

A recent survey by the FSN found that 80% of companies are unable to forecast beyond a year, and only 39% of teams can accurately forecast earnings within 5% accuracy.

These are worrying trends when faced with unprecedented uncertainty across the whole economy. Financial professionals have shouldered much of the responsibility of navigating the unknown, as organisations rapidly seek to change and adapt their operating and business models – creatively seeking ways to mitigate risk and manage cash.

Meeting these challenges requires a finance function of exceptional agility. The need has never been greater for flexible modelling of multiple future scenarios, fast and accurate forecasting both short- and long-term, and robust financial management and reporting.

Join Axiom EPM to find out how leading businesses are harnessing innovative processes and the tools that support them, to better financially plan and manage for the future.

Webinar registration

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Why attend

Join our webinar to hear from Axiom’s financial performance experts, and to discuss with your peers the key issues facing finance leaders across a breadth of industries:

Forecasting for an uncertain future – the need to model and anticipate a range of different future scenarios and their financial impacts

Cash management – the importance of balancing cost management and cash flow with the unpredictability of the market, to make sure you can ride out the ups and downs

Anticipate the effect of externalities such as the current pandemic on future revenue, enabling you to mitigate risk in your planning

Workforce planning and management – how to support people effectively in a changing workplace environment, as patterns and locations of work change

Supply chain management – navigating disruptions to supply and demand, contributed to by the effects of Brexit, the pandemic and the associated economic downturn

The need for faster, simplified financial reporting – how to get to the figures that really matter more quickly and reliably by automating and streamlining your data aggregation and analysis

The need for better financial control – more visibility across your organisation and between departments of balance sheets, cash flow and rolling forecasts

Join Axiom EPM to find out how you can harness innovative processes to better financially plan and manage for the future.